Mobile Stamp - the Pocket Stamp of STAMPEX. The smallest diving stamp fits into every diving logbook Embossing presses and blind stamps are for embossings on forms, logbooks, certificates, brevets, photos, business cards, or transparencies. STAMPEX self-inking stamps simply best-seller! Dive stamp with integrated stamp pad, the Trodat Printy. Trodat PRO, professional scuba dive stamp for every diving base, diving school, and company STAMPEX makes exclusive versions with motif insertion and sleeves engraving. The popular logbook stamp of the instructors

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  • J. R. 21.02.2020

    Genialer Service, schnell und unkompliziert.

  • K. S. 17.02.2020

    Absolut perfekter Service ! Schneller und besser geht nicht! Die Lieferung hat keine 24 h gedauert. Jeder Zeit wieder. Jörg (Translated by Google) Absolutely perfect service! You can't get faster or better! The delivery took less than 24 hours. Any time. Jörg

  • D. B. 05.02.2020

    Je n’ai pas pour habitude de faire des feed-back, mais là, je dois reconnaître que vous me bluffer ! Vous êtes à la hauteur des recommandations qu’on m’avait faites et si je devais noter ma satisfaction, vous remporteriez haut la main 8 étoiles sur 5 !! Je tiens donc à vous faire un retour pour vous exprimer ma reconnaissance. On débute par une équipe de professionnels au top pour l’élaboration du tampon : à l’écoute du moindre détail demandé par le client, pour arriver au tampon idéal ! Quand je pense que j’ai osé vous demander de décaler mon texte de seulement 1mm sur le dessin; et vous l’avez fait sans opposer le moindre mécontentement alors que la correction pouvait paraître plutôt exagérée... tout cela, sans rajouter aucun frais supplémentaire évidemment ! Un grand bravo également pour l’extrême rapidité de réponse à mes mails (dans la journée ou le lendemain matin, ce qui est rarissime pour un service client). Quand à la livraison, rien à redire : 1ère commande de 2 tampons passée le 27/01, retouches suite à plusieurs échanges de mail le 28 et le 29 matin, confirmation de production le 29 a 12h et envoi le 29 à 17h. Là je dis : chapeau Stampex ! Beaucoup de fournisseurs pourraient prendre exemple sur vous ! Le colis est reçu 2 jours après avec un grand soin apporté aux emballages. J’apprécie beaucoup d’avoir reçu votre catalogue, et de découvrir en plus un stylo et un petit sachet de bonbons fut une agréable surprise ! Vous prenez vraiment soin de votre clientèle, et dans les moindres petits détails ! J’ai vraiment hâte de pouvoir tamponner mes futurs niveau 1 !! En tout cas, si vous aviez seulement fait la moitié de tout ce que je viens de citer, vous auriez déjà été formidable, mais là vous êtes sincèrement EXTRAORDINAIRE et je tiens vraiment à le souligner. Je peux vous garantir que je vous ferai une publicité hors norme auprès de mes amis plongeurs, et que vos cartes de visite seront vite distribuées ! En début de ce message, je vous disais avoir été bluffée : je confirme ! Votre sens du service client est étonnant de professionnalisme et de réactivité, et la qualité de votre production est juste impressionnante. Mon « expérience client » aura été mémorable. Faites passer ce message de reconnaissance à vos équipes car elle le mérite amplement. Bonnes bulles... (Translated by Google) I'm not in the habit of giving feedback, but there, I must admit that you are bluffing me! You live up to the recommendations I was given and if I had to rate my satisfaction, you would hands down 8 out of 5 stars !! I would therefore like to give you a return to express my gratitude to you. We start with a team of top professionals for the development of the tampon: listening to the smallest detail requested by the client, to arrive at the ideal tampon! When I think I dared ask you to shift my text by only 1mm on the drawing; and you did it without objecting to the slightest dissatisfaction when the correction could seem rather exaggerated ... all this, without adding any additional costs of course! Congratulations also for the extreme speed of response to my emails (during the day or the next morning, which is extremely rare for customer service). As for delivery, nothing to complain about: 1st order of 2 stamps placed on 01/27, touch-ups following several email exchanges on the 28th and 29th morning, production confirmation on the 29th at 12 noon and dispatch on the 29th at 5pm. Here I say: Stampex hat! Many suppliers could follow your example! The package is received 2 days later with a great care given to packaging. I really appreciate having received your catalog, and to discover in addition a pen and a small bag of candy was a pleasant surprise! You really take care of your customers, and in the smallest details! I can't wait to stamp my future level 1 !! In any case, if you had only done half of everything I just mentioned, you would have been great already, but here you are sincerely EXTRAORDINARY and I really want to emphasize it. I can guarantee you that I will make you an extraordinary advertisement to my diving friends, and that your business cards will be quickly distributed! At the beginning of this message, I told you that I was amazed: I confirm! Your sense of customer service is amazing in professionalism and responsiveness, and the quality of your production is just impressive. My "customer experience" has been memorable. Send this message of recognition to your teams because it deserves it. Good bubbles ...

  • R. S. 16.01.2020

    GEIL.... ihr seid die besten... Stempel ist gerade angekommen... Cool... Freu mich echt so tierisch... Könnt euch knuddeln. (Translated by Google) GEIL .... you are the best ... stamp has just arrived ... Cool ... I'm really so animal ... Can hug you.

  • G. R. 13.01.2020

    Super toller Service und Top Qualität ! (Translated by Google) Super great service and top quality!

Custom Designs With Own Logos - dive log book stamp

When ordering, you can upload your own file for each stamp under
"My Motif-Browse."

1.  Does is cost more to produce a scuba dive log book stamp with my own image/photo?

Printable data without post-editing is always free.  Otherwise, we only charge an extra EUR 7.00 for the insertion.

2.  What is a printable file?
Pixel graphics (BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG) in 1-bit black and white with 1000 dpi are ideal.  Vector graphics  (CDR Corel Draw X3-20, EPS, PDF) in black and white and generally all fonts converted to curves or paths are printable.  Please do not use hairlines.  The line width must be at least 0.1 mm.  Set your layout always in a so-called raw-format frame.  This corresponds to the final format of the stamp (e.g., 30 mm round).

3.  Can I use Excel-, Word-, or PowerPoint-templates?
Unfortunately, we cannot use these templates directly, since they are not graphic formats.  Please send us these documents via e-mail.  We would be happy to convert your template.

4.  What should I consider regarding the size/resolution?
Your graph should have a resolution of 1000 dpi and have a size of no more than 10 MB.  If you have problems, simply send us your template via e-mail.

5.  Can I use a template from the Internet for a stamp production?
Copied graphics and images from Web pages are usually useless, since they have a low resolution of only about 72 dpi.  If in doubt, just send us the file via e-mail for consideration.

6.  How can I check the quality of my template?
Simply send us your template via e-mail, and we will tell you if we can use the file.

7.  What should I consider regarding the font thickness?
Please note that fonts should be set in at least 6 point.  Bold fonts that are set small are also not ideal, since color runs in the paper can later make text hard to read.

8.  Are graphics with large black areas problematic?
Yes, because the paper must absorb the printed ink (runs in the paper fiber).  With an inverse design, it is important to ensure that the internal elements are not too fine or too small.

9.  Can I produce my signature as a stamp?
Yes.  You can scan your signature and send it to us as an image file.  However, please ensure a sufficient line width and a minimum resolution of 600 dpi.

10.  What happens if my graph does not meet the requirements?
Our employees can decide definitively whether a template is good enough.  If you send images, which we cannot turn into a perfect stamp, we will notify you via e-mail or telephone.  You can then edit the image and send it again to us via e-mail.  You can rely on STAMPEX in that we produce stamps only with good data.

11.  Will my personal logo later appear in the design collection of STAMPEX?
Of course not.  We follow international copyright law.

Delivery as a Drawing

Motif insertion (digitizing/vectorizing) EUR 14.00
Please do not fax an image, since the quality is too bad.
Of course, you may send motifs also as a monochrome drawing template or computer printout (600-1200 dpi laser printer) in good quality and double the stamp size (A4 is the maximum size).  Only monochrome line art on a white background are usable.  Photos and images with gray levels, gradients, etc. are only partially suitable.  If necessary, we can decide this by inspecting the templates.  The better the template, the more beautiful the stamp.

We wish you much success with the design of your graphics stamp.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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