Mobile Stamp - the Pocket Stamp of STAMPEX. The smallest diving stamp fits into every diving logbook Embossing presses and blind stamps are for embossings on forms, logbooks, certificates, brevets, photos, business cards, or transparencies. STAMPEX self-inking stamps simply best-seller! Dive stamp with integrated stamp pad, the Trodat Printy. Trodat PRO, professional scuba dive stamp for every diving base, diving school, and company STAMPEX makes exclusive versions with motif insertion and sleeves engraving. The popular logbook stamp of the instructors

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  • S. L. 24.05.2023

    Grossartiger Service vom Stampex-Team. Sehr freundliche und kompetente Beratung, extrem schnelle Ausführung. Absolut empfehlenswert! Vielen Dank! (Translated by Google) Great service from the Stampex team. Very friendly and competent advice, extremely fast execution. Highly Recommended! Thanks very much!

  • G. B. 23.05.2023

    L'échange sur le design est de bon conseil, et très réactif. A réception, le tampon correspond parfaitement à mes attentes. J'ai eu une mauvaise aventure avec la perte du premier colis et Stampex a été très réactif pour proposer une solution. 2e fois que je commande et toujours aussi satisfait ! A recommander !

  • K. W. 23.05.2023

    Einen Gutschein auf der Boot gekauft. Jetzt eingelöst ohne Probleme. Super Beratung per Mail und heute einen tollen Stempel erhalten. (Translated by Google) Bought a voucher at the Boot. Redeemed now with no problems. Great advice by mail and received a great stamp today.

  • R. M. 23.05.2023

    Vielen Dank für die tolle und schnelle Arbeit . (Translated by Google) Thank you for the great and quick work.

  • S. K. 17.05.2023

    Von der Auswahl, über den Korrekturabzug und der Express-Lieferung innerhalb von 2 Tagen - einfach grandios! So macht das Einkaufen Spaß. (Translated by Google) From the selection to the proof and the express delivery within 2 days - simply terrific! This makes shopping fun.

Custom Designs With Own Logos - dive log book stamp

You can upload your own image or logo file for the stamp by selecting "My Motif-Browse" on the ordering page. This allows you to customize the design of your stamp with your own image or logo.

1.  Does is cost more to produce a scuba dive log book stamp with my own image/photo?
There is no additional cost to use your own image or photo for a scuba dive log book stamp, but there is an extra charge of EUR 7.00 for insertion.

2.  What is a printable file?
A printable file is a pixel graphic (BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG) in 1-bit black and white with 1000 dpi or a vector graphic (CDR Corel Draw X3-20, EPS, PDF) in black and white, with all fonts converted to curves or paths.

3.  Can I use Excel-, Word-, or PowerPoint-templates?
Excel-, Word-, or PowerPoint-templates cannot be used directly. Please send them via email for conversion.

4.  What should I consider regarding the size/resolution?
The graphic should have a resolution of 1000 dpi and a size of no more than 10 MB. If you have problems, send the template via email.

5.  Can I use a template from the Internet for a stamp production?
Copied graphics and images from web pages are usually useless because they have a low resolution of about 72 dpi.

6.  How can I check the quality of my template?
Send the template via email, and STAMPEX will tell you if it meets the requirements.

7.  What should I consider regarding the font thickness?
Fonts should be set at least 6 points, and bold fonts that are set small are not ideal because color runs in the paper can make the text hard to read.

8.  Are graphics with large black areas problematic?
Graphics with large black areas are problematic because the paper must absorb the printed ink. For an inverse design, the internal elements should not be too fine or too small.

9.  Can I produce my signature as a stamp?
Yes, you can produce your signature as a stamp by scanning it and sending it as an image file.

10.  What happens if my graph does not meet the requirements?
If the image does not meet the requirements, STAMPEX will notify you via email or phone, and you can edit the image and resend it.

11.  Will my personal logo later appear in the design collection of STAMPEX?
Your personal logo will not appear in the STAMPEX design collection because they follow international copyright law.

Delivery as a Drawing:

Motif insertion (digitizing/vectorizing) costs EUR 14.00. Please send motifs as a monochrome drawing template or computer printout in good quality and double the stamp size (A4 is the maximum size). Only monochrome line art on a white background is usable. Photos and images with gray levels, gradients, etc., are only partially suitable. STAMPEX can decide this by inspecting the templates.

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