Mobile Stamp - the Pocket Stamp of STAMPEX. The smallest diving stamp fits into every diving logbook Embossing presses and blind stamps are for embossings on forms, logbooks, certificates, brevets, photos, business cards, or transparencies. STAMPEX self-inking stamps simply best-seller! Dive stamp with integrated stamp pad, the Trodat Printy. Trodat PRO, professional scuba dive stamp for every diving base, diving school, and company STAMPEX makes exclusive versions with motif insertion and sleeves engraving. The popular logbook stamp of the instructors

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  • H. c. 14.06.2021

    Bonjour, je suis moniteur plongée et j ai dernièrement demandé les services de stampex. Je peux vous assurer que comme moi-même vous serez agréablement surpris par le professionnalisme de cette équipe. Encore merci. Hervé

  • H. W. 11.06.2021

    Sehr freundlich & hilfsbereit! Anfragen/Anliegen werden innert kürzester Zeit erledigt! Der Slogan 'Qualität bleibt in Erinnerung wenn der Preis längst vergessen ist' stimmt hier 100%ig!! Für mich DAS Stempelgeschäft!

  • I. B. 29.05.2021

    Mega Service. Persönlich, tolle und schnelle Beratung. (Translated by Google) Mega service. Personal, great and quick advice.

  • M. L. 19.05.2021

    Un service au top ! Expédition proposé par Stampex impeccable également. À recommander les yeux fermés...

  • g. j. 18.05.2021

    Emballage parfait, et réception dans les temps malgré les jours fériés en France. Vraiment parfait comme d’habitude !!

Mobile Stamp - the Pocket Dive Log Stamp of STAMPEX 

Our mobile stamp offers the perfect handling of a pocket stamp through its unique mechanism, and it opens and closes with one move.  Even changing the pad is fun, since the engaging is precise and simple.
Mobile Stamp
Our tip:  Order also a colored replacement pad at the same time.  Why?  Almost everyone already has a black pad, since this color is already built into the pocket stamp and included in the price.

colors from swop pads

Exchange stamp pads are in black, red, blue, violet, and green. 
Handy Stamp

Self-inking scuba dive stamp or pocket stamp?

Advantage of pocket stamps
A pocket stamp is smaller and more compact than a self-inking stamp-only about half as big.  All pocket stamps are completely closed.

Disadvantage of the pocket stamps

You can make only one print-then your must close and reopen the stamp again.  Due to the folding mechanism, it is a classic hand stamp, so you must stamp with feeling.

Advantage of the Self-Inking Stamp
The built-in spring mechanism allows quick, clean, and precise prints simply by depressing.  Even inexperienced users can make perfect prints with the exact stamp-plate guide.

Through their integrated protective covers, PRINTY are as well protected as any pocket stamp.  The only disadvantage of a self-inking stamp compared to the pocket stamp is its size due to its design.

Our Opinion
If you do not need the compact shape and small size of a pocket stamp, order a self-inking stamp.  This stamp is quick and easy to use.
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